I am a mum, living in the beautiful Uzèse (France) with my husband and family of two very active boys , a menagerie of animals and two dogs.

I have a degree in Dance from Manchester University and I am a post graduate in physical education majoring in Dance at Liverpool John Moores University.

On returning to the UK from Australia (where I was introduced to Pilates in my early 20’s), I joined the BBC, working on documentaries, entertainment and features for 8 years.  During this time, I continued with Pilates classes and took an external Pilates teaching course qualifying as a Pilates instructor in 2004. I taught in the local village hall and in the BBC makeup room at Oxford Street to  colleagues. 

A major car accident at the age of 30, prompted an re-evaluation of priorities.  To this day, I believe it was thanks to the core strength built up by constant Pilates practise which enabled me to survive and to achieve an excellent recovery.

 Subsequently, I attended The Pilates Institute in London in 2007 and trained with Michael King, the founder and director of The Pilates Institute, to deepen my knowledge and experience. Although marriage, a family and moving to France meant I was unable to teach,Pilates has remained very much part of my every day routine, and of course  my ‘go to’ for my scoliosis. 

Prior to establishing Amanda Andrews Pilates in 2017, I returned to the UK and undertook some retraining in order to ensure I was able to offer my clients the most up-to date current Pilates practices.

In January 2019 I opened No9 The Pilates Room, a small boutique space with just 4 mats in Uzès. This proved a big success.

With the advent of Covid-19, I turned to Zoom for regular sessions. This also proved to be very successful and as a result  I have retained this method of teaching for those who wish to continue with it.

I opened my new Space Amanda Andrews Pilates in Vers Pont Du Gard in 2022, to offer the best possible environment for my clients.This allows classes for up to 6 persons inside or outside according to the weather.

I am someone who believes that the most important thing is movement.  Human beings are not fragile, we need to exercise, it is a healthy stressor for the body, it makes us stronger and healthier. Regardless of how fit, flexible, strong you think you are or should be before you start Pilates, don’t wait, just sign up and get moving!