It has been proven medically and scientifically that Pilates is the most effective exercise for your back pain (i)

Pilates makes you live longer (ii)

Working your muscles vigorously 2 – 3 times a week halves your chance of dying of any cause in the next 10 years

Pilates makes your muscles longer and leaner (iii)

Working muscles at long muscle lengths decreases cross sectional area and increases fibre length compared to working at short range of motion.

Pilates will make you happier (iv)

As little as 10 minutes exercise per week is shown to improve the sense of wellbeing.

Pilates calms your mind and spirit (v)

Regular exercise improves mental health and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The cumulative beneficial effects of regular Pilates cannot be overestimated.

Pilates changes lives for the better!

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